2020 CHEC Conference

Colleagues, Sponsors and Supporters of the CHEC Conference:

Like many of you, we are affected both professionally and personally to a greater degree than we could have ever predicted by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Though it is early, the CHEC Conference Committee has conferred and decided to cancel the 2020 California Higher Education Collaborative (CHEC) Conference.  This conference is built around a concept that we face common challenges, campus to campus and system to system, and can learn much from one another’s authentic experiences. What a challenge we all have in common today.

The committee is comprised of staff from all three California Public Higher Education systems and we are also being called to reprioritize our time and attention now to serve more urgent needs. We found the decision to cancel difficult to make. Frankly, we love this conference. But we all agreed this was the right decision for this conference, at this time.

We hope each of you stays well and manages through the many challenges of today and the days ahead.

Thank you,

The CHEC Conference Committee